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With over 17 years of experience in the industry Purely Plumbing and heating has built a successful reputation for being a reliable plumbing and heating service operating out of Worcester, Worcestershire. Our core business is plumbing services and bathroom installations, This can include anything from leaking taps to burst water pipes, leaking stop taps, or installing your unique luxury bespoke bathroom suite. We also cover central heating systems, including faulty TRV's, cold radiators, noisy heating boiler, system balancing, also system magna flushing and system installations.

All work carried out has a written 5 year complementary labour guarantee.

Below is an overview of the services provided

  • New installations; design and build.

  • Renovations, new plumbing and heating systems, plumbing for new and refurbished bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Installations of showers and shower mixers.

  • Leaks; repairs and tracing.

  • Plumbing fault finding and diagnostics; shower flow issues, drainage issues, supply problems.

  • General repairs to taps valves and other components.

  • Hot water issues; too hot or cold, temperate drops. Intermittent flow issues. Lack of supply.

  • Plumbing for power showers and pumped showers.

  • Design for plumbing systems with pipe sizing.

  • Water hammer issues, and noisy systems.

  • Flow problems, lack of water, intermittent flow.

  • Shared mains issues.

  • Un vented cylinders installation (mega flows etc).

  • Changing taps and valve.

  • Stop cock, stop valve installation repairs and swaps.

  • Pipe freezing

  • Domestic plumbing repairs and installations
  • Scratch/damage repairs to existing chinaware
  • Mains water repairs and installations
  • Sanitary ware repairs and installations
  • Kitchen sink replacement and installations
  • All types of shower repairs and installations
  • Drain cleaning & repairs
  • Cast iron gutter and down pipe inspection, repair and/or replacement
  • Lead pipe replacement work
  • Many more...

It's Nice To Know

Fortunately, it doesn't happen often, but when one of life's mishaps occur during any of our projects, we will do our very best to rectify the situation, however, you can relax in the knowledge that we carry full liability insurance for 'piece of mind'.

Leaking or burst pipes

Water leaking from a fractured or burst pipe can cause extensive damage to your property if prompt action is not taken. We aim to provide a quick response, arriving on site to trace the source and resolve the problem as quickly as possible, ensuring that water damage is kept to a minimum.

Leaking or dripping taps

Did you know that on average a leaking tap can lose up to 90 Litres of water per week, costing you money and damaging the environment by increasing the amount of water that needs to be extracted from natural sites We work on all kinds of taps whether it be mono bloc, mixer or conventional. We can offer a complete repair in the majority of cases, limiting the money that the leaking water can cost you. In cases where a repair is not possible due to ware and tear, or the age of the tap itself, we can provide and install a new tap, or we can simply fit your new tap of choice you have provided.

Leaking bath or shower tray

Unfortunately in many cases a leaking bath or shower tray can only be identified once water damage begins to appear directly below the bathroom. But don't worry, a plumber can be on site to trace the source of the leak and hopefully repair the problem there and then, limiting any further damage to your property.

Toilet leaking or not flushing correctly

A leaking toilet or non flushing toilet can be an annoying problem to have. A leaking toilet can also add unnecessary cost to your bills, particularly if your property has a water meter installed. This is why we carry out many repairs to toilets to ensure that the facility is fully working again as soon as possible and with the minimum of fuss. In cases where a repair is not possible, we can also provide a new toilet installation in Worcestershire.

Leaking water tank or cylinder

Water tanks and hot water cylinders are often sited in inaccessible locations within properties meaning that it can be difficult to identify an issue with the tank until the damage resulting from the problem becomes visible. A hidden leaking or overflowing water tank can be very destructive so we offer a priority service to our customers to prevent further damage to their property or belongings.

Radiator / Central heating problems

Have a radiator that's just not getting hot, needs repairing, flushing, installing or moving? We regularly undertake all kinds of radiator work, from issues with a lack of heat being produced, leaks from the connecting pipe work, re-fitting radiators that have parted from the wall, and the replacement of valves & TRV's. We can even remove and refit your radiators for decorating purposes.

Need a new appliance fitting?

New washing machine, dishwasher or American fridge freezer need fitting? We can install your replacement washing machine, install your new replacement dishwasher or an American fridge freezer. We can make any necessary adaptations to your existing plumbing to ensure that the new appliance fits and functions as it should at an agreed time that suits you

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