Power Flushing

Central Heating Flushing Worcester Worcestershire

Power Flushing

It is crucial for the continued health of your heating system that it is cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis to stop the accumulation of sludge or debris. This type of obstruction accounts for over 80% of central heating issues, and requires professional power flushing to both prevent and resolve the problem. Using magna cleanse to clear the pipes, the technique is used to restore your central heating system to optimum operation, and is recommended on an installation of any new boiler to an existing system.

Protecting heating systems

When it comes to heating protection, mahnacleanse has covered every angle. Our comprehensive range of award winning chemicals, market leading filters and best practice advice sets the standard.

MagnaClean Filters

Corrosion affects all heating, from boilers at home to heavy-duty industrial systems. So they have developed a range of magnetic filters to put a stop to this, no matter how big the job.



With an award-winning range of water treatment chemicals, and with 9 formulas to choose from, you can clean and protect every system.


Scale Reducers

Some people's water is harder than others. Extra defense against debris is what's needed. The scale reducers provide that added protection to stop limescale and magnetite.



Protection is one thing. But to be totally free from magnetite and other sludge, a clean system is essential. MagnaCleanse combines chemicals and filtration to do just that.



Magnetite isn't just a domestic issue. In fact, the bigger the system, the bigger the problem. Commercial filters are designed to tackle this heavy-duty industrial debris.


Commercial Accessories

Water management changes with every type of plant room, depending on factors such as size, water type and the demands placed upon your water system. ADEY have the expertise to help you optimise its performance, with solutions extending beyond filters and chemicals to include plant room accessories.


Commercial Chemicals

ADEY's advanced chemical range provides solutions for the maintenance and protection of commercial heating and cooling systems, with the MC+ range specifically designed for use by professional installers.


Best Practice

Best Practice, a breakthrough six-step approach formulated to tackle corrosion completely and defend systems.

Clean to break down magnetite. MagnaCleanse to flush the system. MagnaClean to filter out debris. Protect to stop corrosion. Test to check the system's health. Maintain to keep protection at its best.

  • Clean
  • MagnaCleanse
  • MagnaClean
  • Protect
  • Test
  • Maintain.

Our experienced team are on hand to carry out thorough power flushing for residential and commercial clients. With over 17 years in the industry, we have the versatility to combat any central heating issue, no matter how large or small, and we have the ability to offer highly competitive rates on all of our quality services. This short video explains the process and procedures of the magna cleanse.

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