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Boiler installations

All our boiler installation experts are happy to attend your property to carry out a home survey which will enable them to give you a fixed price quote.

Most installations carried out by Purely plumbing and heating are covered by a 7-12 year manufacturer warranty for your complete peace of mind, and our new boiler installations typically start from as little as £1899 FULLY FITTED! Get an online quote and Purely plumbing and heating will recommend the best boiler suited to your home, or call a member of our team to arrange a free quotation and survey. Below is some info, this will help you determine the exact system you have, helping endlessly with your online quotation.

What size boiler do I need?

The size of a boiler refers to its output in kilowatts (kW). Generally, the more heat and hot water needed, the higher output you need. The right size depends on:a

  • The size of your home (including how many radiators you have)
  • How much hot water you need i.e. a large family will have a higher demand than a small family
  • Water pressure in your area
  • Heat loss in your home
Combi boilers do not have a tank or cylinder, they heat hot water on demand i.e. when you switch your tap on
Regular boilers rely on a cold water storage tank in the loft - water is heated by a heat exchanger and pumped to a cylinder where it's stored ready for you to use

Get an online quote and we'll recommend the best boiler suited to your home

Under Floor Heating 

Purely Plumbing & Heating are experts at installing and maintaining underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is a highly effective and energy efficient method of heating for all kinds of properties. Underfloor heating is suitable for a wide range of projects, whether a new build, renovation or single area. Underfloor heating systems work by pumping a controlled flow of warm water from any heat source, like a boiler or heat pump, through tubing embedded in the floor. In a new build or extension, the underfloor heating is typically laid within the floor. In a renovation, the underfloor heating is often installed directly over the existing floor, causing minimal disruption and adding very little height build-up.

Whether you're tired of waking up to icy-cold floors or you're simply looking for a more cost-effective emitter system, there are umpteen reasons to install underfloor heating.

  • Underfloor heating systems are cited to be up to 25% more efficient than conventional radiators: Underfloor heating systems have a large surface area, practically turning the floor of any room into a giant radiator. This means you reduce the flow temperature beyond what is possible with conventional radiator panels (usually to around 40 or even 35°C) without leading to a drop in room temperature. This is additionally beneficial to your heat pump, as it's more efficient at lower flow temperatures. The better the energy efficiency, the lower the running costs.
  • Decrease the carbon footprint of your home with an underfloor heating system: Thanks to their high energy efficiency, underfloor heating systems are an excellent choice for eco-home builders.
  • Little maintenance required: Providing they're installed correctly, underfloor heating systems need very little seeing to. Since they're installed beneath the floor, they're also less likely to be damaged.
  • Can be used in virtually any type of floor construction and covering: Thanks to the sheer variety of additional components that they come with, underfloor heating systems are a viable option for almost any application.
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers: While radiators cause convection currents to circulate airborne dust around your home, underfloor heating systems radiate heat, making them an ideal choice for homeowners with allergies.
  • Improved heat distribution: A radiator will warm the air around it, causing it to rise to the ceiling. When this warm air cools, it will fall to the floor to be warmed again. This is an inefficient means of heating a room, and it also leads to hot and cold spots. Underfloor heating systems provide a much more even distribution of heat.
  • Frees up wall space: An interior designer's best friend, rooms with underfloor heating are no longer constrained by the radiators dotted around the room.
  • Increase the value of your home: Having underfloor heating installed may give your property the extra benefit over others' when it comes to selling.
  • Warm feet!

Underfloor heating systems are relatively new to the market, but they are quickly becoming the homeowner's go-to emitter system. Considering they're cheap to install, economical to run, eco-friendly, and provide comfort levels far superior to conventional radiators, it's no surprise.

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